how to buy cheap 24-carat physical gold

  1. Buying in bulk: Bulk purchases can often be associated with discounts. If you can afford to buy a large quantity of gold, some sellers may be willing to offer you a discounted price per gram.

  2. Look for reputable sellers: Look for reputable and trustworthy gold dealers. Make sure they offer competitive and transparent prices. Avoid lesser-known sellers or those who may be unreliable.

  3. Buy bars here rather than coins: Gold bars can often be cheaper than gold coins due to lower manufacturing costs. Look for high-purity (24-carat) gold bars at

  4. Avoid overcharges: Beware of extra charges such as manufacturing fees, sales bonuses and commissions. Opt for sellers who offer transparent pricing with no hidden charges.

  5. Look for promotions and special offers: Keep an eye out for promotions or special offers offered by gold dealers. Sometimes you can find temporary price reductions.
  6. Negotiate: In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate the price of gold with the seller, especially if you're buying a large quantity. Be prepared to negotiate, but bear in mind that not all sellers are willing to do so.

  7. Buy locally to avoid shipping costs: If possible, buy gold from local dealers to avoid shipping costs. This can help you save on the total costs of your purchase.